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The Dragon Brother Ltd. is privately held and based in Great Manchester, UK. It offers a full selection of Chinese martial arts DVDs and other Chinese cultural related products on this online website , which include Tai Chi in Quan, Sword, Sabre, Spear, Tai Chi Applications DVDs, covers tai chi in different styles such as Chen, Yang, Sun Wu, Wu(Woo), and were demonstrated or performed by these styles' direct-line inheritors such as Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei (Chen style), Yang Zhenduo (Yang style), Sun Jianyun (Sun style) etc, which also include Shaolin, Qigong, Xingyi, Baguazhang etc other wide range of Chinese martial arts DVDs. It also provides Taichi Videos, Taichi or Qigong Books, music, Taichi Kungfu Suits, Tai Chi weapons such as Sword, Sabre and Tai Chi Fan on this website. In addition, it has Chinese Language Learning DVDs/MP3/MP4/BOOK, Chinese Massage, Chinese Medicine (TMC) DVDs and other Chinese culture related products (e.g. Chinese bracelet, hairclip, and lady's pocket mirrors) available. Please refer to our (Site Map) to easily understand this website. Thank you.

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Chen Yang Sun Wu Woo Tai Chi DVDs

tai chi image
Tai Chi or Tai Chi Quan is a Chinese ancient martial art that embraces the mind, body and spirit, which is one of the most effective exercises for health of mind and body. The essential principles of Tai Chi is to integrate the mind with the body; control of movements and breathing; generating internal Qi energy, and let the Qi energy flow through the whole body, help to clean-up the blockages inside your body and bring the nutrition to every part of your body. In the Chinese medicine way, if there is no blockage inside your body, then there is no pain in your body. Tai Chi itself means extreme opposites which comes from Daoist Ying and Yang Philosophy. Ying-Yang theory describes how opposite energies or forces can be interconnected, transferred or balanced or giving rise to one another. Tai Chi Chuan combines with Chinese Medicine i.e. Chinese Jing Luo (Meridian) Theory and Breathing Techniques together to guide participants to follow human being's physical nature to play the movementsand yet remaining body relaxed, and internal Qi energy connected while practising. Contained within its framework are wonderful spiralling, twisting, and unique silk reeling energy releasing. The moves is performed continuously with both slow and fast, gentle and robust motions in harmony.

During practice the body remains relaxed with the participant's consciousness, breathing and actions all closely connected. These unique features enhance benefits to health, fitness, and weight-loss and are just a few of the reasons why so many people, regardless of age and level of fitness, regularly practice Chen Style Tai Chi throughout the world today. Whether they often find themselves going for a run in the park or sitting down to read newspapers and have a cup of tea , people from all walks of life love to practice Tai Chi.

Shaolin or Shao Lin DVDs

shaolin image
It has been said all heros are from Shaolin, that means, shaolin kungfu is very powerful and famous in China, whcih is indeed a shining pearl in Chinese martial arts. Shaolin Quan was originated from the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng City, Henan Province, and was named as the Temple's name after it. It is also known as Shaolin Boxing or Shaolin Kungfu. The origin of Shaolin Wushu can be traced back to the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534 AD). It has a history of more than 1,500 years. It is the earliest and most outstanding sports activity in China with a long history and far-reaching influence. Shaolin boxing is unique in style, vigorous, simple and powerful, and good at fighting as wll, and therefore it is very popular in the China and well-known in the world.

Xingyi Chuan DVDs

xingyi image
Xingyi Quan ( Form and Meaning Fist or Shape and Impression Boxing in the description of dvds) is one of three famous internal boxings (Xingyi, Taiji and Bagua) in China, and is ranked as top 4 boxing in China as well. The main feature of Xingyi is 'fast plus powerful' like a tiger hunting food. Originally, it was coping animinals' food hunting and self-defence (the animals such as tiger, monkey, horse, snakes, birds and eagles etc.). In Chinese 'Xing' means shape and behavior, and Yi means 'meaning' or 'spirit'. Taking the important things from the shape or behavior is called 'take Xing to form Yi' or 'the unity of external shape and internal spirit'. Of course, Xingyi Quan as one of broad and profound Chinese Wushu contents has its own complete theoretical system after many generations' study, practice, review, and improvment. Later on, Yi Quan was developed on the basis of Xingyi in 1920s by a famous kungfu master Wang Xiangzai. Although there are few Xingyi styles (three big one), the principles are similar, and all emphases on use of Yi to lead Qi, and use of Qi to lead strength. Through the mutual adjustment of preferred shape and spirit, the interaction the inside and outside of body to achieve not only physical fitness, self-cultivation of effectiveness, but also the real combat combative effects.

Baguzhang Chuan DVDs

Baguzhang image
Baguazhang, also known as swimming body Baguazhang and or Linkedin Baguazhang, is a traditional Chinese boxing technique that focuses on changing palms and walking around. It is one of the well-known Chinese traditional martial arts and is widely spread. There are five major schools of Baguazhang, which were created in the late Qing Dynasty by Dong Haichuan, a native of Langfang City, Hebei Province. It is said that Dong Haichuan was inspired by Taoist practice during his travels in the south of the Yangtze River, and he combined it with martial arts. Because it crisscrosses during movement, it is divided into four directions, four corners, and eight directions. It is similar to the hexagrams in the 'Zhouyi' Bagua diagram, so it is called Baguazhang. Some Baguazhang old boxing manuals often use hexagrams to explain the principles of fist, and eight hexagrams represent the basic eight palms.

Wudang Chuan Sword Sabre Tai Chi Qigong DVDs

Wudang image
Wudang Quan (or Boxing) belongs to the internal family martial arts genre. It originated from the Taoist holy place of Wudang Mountain and is a famous martial arts in China, which has the same reputation as Shaolin by the title of 'South Shaolin and North Wudang '. Wudang Boxing is an important part of Wudang martial arts, and is the general term for Wudang martial arts including Quan, Sword, Sabre, Taiyi Horsetail Whisk etc. Wudang boxing is based on the Wudang premise and following the principles of the 'Yi' and stressing the change of Yin and Yang, with the purpose of self-cultivation and vitality, the use of combat defense as the guise, the 'internal power and external fist' as the main feature, the combination of dynamic and static, virtual reality and rigidity, softness and roundness.

Qigong DVDs

qigong image
Qigong (Qigong) is a traditional Chinese method of health care, health preservation, and disease healing. In ancient times, it was called 'Pill Way'. It used breathing techniques, physical activity adjustment, and consciousness adjustment (breath adjustment, body adjustment, heart adjustment) as a means to strengthen the body, prevent and cure diseases, keep fit, and develop potential. A method of physical and mental exercise for the purpose, aslo can used for martial arts purpose such as Shaolin Iron Head Kungfu and Iron Shirt Bridge Kung.

Nan Quan ( Southern Boxing ) DVDs

Nan Quan image
Nanquan or Southern Boxing is very popular in the south of China, and therefore it was called Southern Boxing. There are many styles, in which main styles include Guangdong with Hong, Liu, Cai, Li, Mo, a total of five; Fujian are Wing Chun (Yong Chun), Wuzu, a total of two; Hunan, Wu, Xue, Hong, Yue, a total of four etc. Although each styles has its own characteristics, the basic feature is same: mainly using hands and fists movement and less feet or legs movement. The reason is the body of south people in general is relatively short, also their action is agile, and outbreak-energy releasing is powerful. This is where Nanquan is from. Nan means south or southern, Quan means fist in Chinese. Chinese Wushu sometimes can be recognized as Southern Fist (Nan Quan), and Northern Leg.

In general, the requirement for Nan Quan practitioner is: shoulders sink down, both bones of shoulders slightly move forward together, the chin inward to make neck stretch out, the chest slightly inward and shrink, so the chest, back, shoulder, elbow and other parts of the energy can come together, that is what we called the 'off shoulder and close its bones, straight ncek and round chest', plus Qi going down to Dan Tian, and tightening the abdominal muscles together, so the whole body's forces can be united into one unit naturally.

In real time sitution, the waist is the the center of the force, the whole body's force are built up from the legs to the waist, then from waist to arms, then reach fists. Different schools may use different hands, fists' forces such as inch force, outbreak force, stretching force, curve force etc. More requirements and instructions please follow each individual styles in the dvds.

Chang Quan (Long Fist) DVDs

Chang Quan image
Chang Quan (Long Boxing in English) is part of Northern Boxing in China, and mainly includes Cha Quan from Shangdong, Hua Quan from Hua Shan (Mountain), Pao Quan ( Cannon Fist) from Shaolin, and Hong Quan from Shanxi. Its main features are generous stretch posture, flexibie and agile movement, long shoting, high and far jumping, hardness and softness, fastness and slowness, and distinct rhythm. It is one of the reommended sports for people to practise particularly for young people and kids in China by Chinese Wushu Association, and is always a major content in any Chinese national martial arts performance and completition.

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